About Us

What makes us different?

The difference is we genuinely care! At V Tire and Wheel we are always looking to improve at what we do, and strive forward with the most cutting edge machinery, powered by the very latest technology in both tires and wheels.

Why is V Tire and Wheel the Revolution in automotive?

We bring you the very best the market has to offer in both tire and wheel technology with unsurpassed installation quality. We are not just after the next sale, we care and strive to do the job done right. We care about what tire ends up on your vehicle. We are constantly studying and relentlessly testing each and every brand and model tire on the market. We’re relentless in providing you with the tire and wheel you can put 100% confidence in.

Why choose V Tire and Wheel?

We don’t cut corners! With over 45 years experience installing and testing every single tire and wheel available on the market. We can help you in recommending the most trusted brands, and what should never be used on your vehicle. Here at V Tire and Wheel if we can’t trust it, we won’t sell it. With any size, any style, and the best price, you can have it all at V Tire and Wheel!

Our Location

V Tire and Wheel
4511 Highway 29 N
Belton, SC 29627
P: 864-552-1352